YETI builds the world’s best coolers and are now available Downunder. They are built to withstand the toughest conditions on the planet, including Australia, and have a patented Bear Proof Certification. Yes, we only have koala bears, drop bears and gummy bears over here, but we also have some of the wildest conditions on earth - from croc country to backyard grand final parties! Watch these clips  and you’ll see what we mean.
YETI® was born out of frustration and molded by experience. Before YETI, coolers were never extraordinary. Pretty good was the best that was out there. But pretty good doesn’t hold up in the wild. YETI’s founders, a few mates from Texas, Roy and Ryan Seiders, got tired of broken handles,snapped latches, and lids that caved in. They tried modifying existing coolers, but cheap equipment is just that.
Their mission was to build the ultimate cooler that could stand up to the rigours of all of their adventures and still bring cold drinks to the cleaning table or campfire afterwards. Experiences from a lifetime of hunting and fishing trips drove them to improve the biggest details to the smallest, until YETI coolers could hold ice for days and withstand a hungry grizzly. For the first time, a cooler was no longer disposable — the YETI Tundra® turned coolers into premium gear.