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First Aid kits for your 4WD - Ray's Outdoors

When you're traveling somewhere remote or even just heading away on a day trip it's important to think about your safety and those you are with. First Aid kits are a great way to be comfortable knowing you can give a first aid response if need be. These kits have come a long way in recent times but there's a few 'must haves' that we should all carry in our 4WD.

How-To Videos

4WD Driving Tips

When our journey to that special place takes us off road there's a chance our 4WD is going to become unstuck! However, with a few little tricks and some basic know how you'll be back on track in no time! Check out some of Pat's tips for gaining traction in your 4WD.
Whether you're towing a tent trailer, camper trailer or caravan it's important to know how your car and the towed vehicle being towed responds to different environmental situations. With a little practice and some 'let me try that again' moments, you'll be able to master your towing and become much more comfortable and not to mention safer when towing behind your car.
Driving through bulldust can be tricky. A common unknown is that getting bogged in bulldust is actually quite easy and there are also some things to look out for when you're travelling through bulldust. Let Pat Callinan show you some handy tips to make your next trip into the outback safer and more comfortable.
Driving through outback Australia can provide access to amazing landscapes and some great 4WDing locations only access by a 4WD. There's a good chance you will encounter some obstacles such as crests in the outback so check out the video and let Pat Callinan show you some helpful tips on driving over crests.
Driving down steep inclines can be a challenging obstacle but there are a couple of things you can do to make it safer for you and your crew. Pat Callinan knows his way around 4wd obstacles and can show you the important tips to make driving down steep inclines safe and as easy as possible.
Australia has some fantastic 4WD tracks and occasionally there's steep terrain to tackle. To drive this terrain safely, comfortably and with minimal damage to your beloved 4WD and the track, there are a few things to consider. Check out the video to hear Pat Callinan's advice for you and your 4WD.
Driving both up and down sand dunes in your 4WD can be a tricky task. However with a few little tips and tricks you'll be able to take on and conquer even the most feared sand dune - Big Red! Always assess the dangers before attempting any dune climb and it's a great idea to stick to the designated driving areas!
Despite the often dry and arid conditions in some sections of the outback, wet and muddy conditions can often arise throughout your journey. As with all 4WD obstacles, there are safe and correct ways to tackle them. In this video Pat Callinan shows you the best and safest way to traverse muddy road conditions.
Rock driving is one of those driving disciplines that tends to happen through necessity rather than fun as bouncing over hard rocks can be dangerous for both you and your 4WD. Pat's done this a few times and can give you the right advice to safely and comfortably tackle those rocky 4WD obstacles.
Driving through water can be fun but there are a few important steps to take before hitting the water in your beloved 4WD! Taking on a water obstacle shouldn't always be just for fun and it's often more of a necessity to get to your destination. Check out the video to see Pat Callinan show you the things to consider to ensure your 4x4 adventure is both fun and safe.
Driving on corrugations can be pretty intimidating - especially for first timers! In this video Pat Callinan shows you some tips on making driving on corrugations more comfortable and safe. Some of Australia's best locations are only accessible after traversing a corrugated road. Pat has seen his fair share of corrugations and has the right advice and experience to show you how.
Although some of us may not have heard about washaways, there's a good chance that you'll come across them on a trip through the bush. With a few tips from Pat Callinan, driving through washaways will become easy and safe.
Mud! Whether you and your 4WD love to get dirty with mud or something you try to avoid, driving through mud is something that most of us will simply have to do during a touring or outback holiday. Check out Pat's tips for getting through these sticky situations! mud-tips
Driving conditions in an outback or bush environment can present a whole set of conditions different to those found in an urban environment. Something as simple as turning corners may need a different approach - check out this safety tip from Pat about turning corners on your next outback or bush touring holiday.
Our 4WD's can take us to some amazing locations that are only accessible via a 4WD and Fraser Island is just one of those destinations. However to some of us, driving on sand can be a scary thought but it doesn't need to be! Check out Pat's tips on sand driving.
Some of Australia's most pristine and beautiful locations are only accessible after travelling on corrugated roads. As with most 4WD driving, there are a few hints and tips to help make your 4WD trip safer and more comfortable.
Not all 4WD's on the market have differential locks or electronic traction control. Next time you're in need of traction, give this tip from Pat Callinan a go. It's what Pat calls DIY traction control.

4WD Hints and tips

Every 4WD needs a good clean flow of air so it can do its job properly. The added benefit of a good clean air flow to your 4WD can be an increase in fuel efficiency and also an increase in your vehicle's performance. In this video Pat Callinan explains how to service your air filter and ensure your 4WD performs its best.
Planning on appreciating what the great Australian Outback has to offer in your 4WD? As one of the most important pieces of gear you'll need for the job is your beloved 4WD it's important to prepare your car for the trip of a lifetime. In this video, Pat Callinan walks through a well kitted out 4WD perfect for touring adventures.
Heading to remote locations in your 4WD is one of the greatest achievements and exciting experiences that Australia can offer. Before heading out in your 4WD it's important to be prepared and self-sufficient and that means taking important spare parts. Pat Callinan has been around Australia a few times so he knows the gear and spare parts you'll need!
When the weather gets cold, we add layers of clothing to protect ourselves from the conditions. Your 4WD also needs a little extra love to protect it from the cold weather and to ensure it can perform its job. Check out the video to see Pat Callinan's tips on protecting your 4WD in cold climates.
Pat Callinan has travelled most of Australia in his 4WD so he knows a thing or two about preparing your beloved 4WD for a weekend getaway or the trip of a lifetime. Check out Pat's tips on understanding and preparing your 4WD for an adventure off the beaten track!
Remote travel can help create great memories of our outdoor adventures but it pays to know a little bit about 4WD repair and maintenance. Check out Pat Callinan's tip on emergency fuel tank repair!

4X4 Recovery Techniques

Towing a camper or tent trailer on your outdoor adventures is a great way to bring extra comfort, safety and storage gear. It's handy to know a few recovery tips just in case your camper or tent trailer gets into a sticky situation. Check out Pat's tips for recovering your camper or tent trailer and getting back on track.
Having a winch installed on your 4WD offers a great sense of comfort and independence on your solo trips. There are also a variety of winch accessories and straps to complete your 4WD setup. As always with all 4WD recoveries, make sure all the correct safety procedures have been addressed before attempting a recovery. Watch the video to check out some of Pat's 4WD winching tips.
Having a UHF Radio installed or a handheld UHF in your 4WD is a great idea as it gives you a level of independence and can also help when tackling some tricky 4WD situations. When travelling in convoys radios can also provide clear and constant communication - great for identifying obstacles or dangers on the road ahead. Check out Pat Callinan demonstrating how a UHF can help out with some typical 4WD obstacles.
Snatch Straps are a very handy piece of 4WD recovery equipment but as with all safety and recovery equipment, it's important to know the basics to ensure a safe and successful recovery each and every time. Watch the video to let Pat Callinan show you the basics when it comes to a 4WD Snatch Recovery.
Stalled on a hill in your 4WD? Lost traction or stuck in a rut? Travelling off the beaten track? Deliver you and your party some of Australia's unique and rugged terrain. The path less travelled can be a little tricky with both steep declines and inclines. Let Pat Callinan show you a safe technique to recover your 4WD on a steep decline so you can attempt to conquer the hill!
Light, portable and incredibly well designed, the Max Trax system is a perfect accessory for your 4WD and is fantastic for when there are no vehicles close by to assist with the recovery. The great thing is that this recovery system can be operated by one person! The system is very simple to use and with a few tips from Pat Callinan, you'll be out of that sticky situation and on your way in no time!

Camping Product Reviews

BBQ's have a great natural ability to bring family and friends together around a delicious meal. Weber's have long been popular BBQ's and in this video Pat Callinan's gets some good advice about cooking up the perfect steak and sausages on the Weber Q Barbeque.
Never get lost again! There are many navigation options when travelling in remote areas and electronic devices and GPS enabled products are becoming quite popular. The trusty paper map however is still a reliable and trusty tool for when you're heading out of the big smoke. Have you ever wondered how these maps are made or who the lucky folk are that get to make them?!

Setting up some tents can be tricky work and how often have you wanted to just set up camp and get on with enjoying the outdoors? We've got the perfect solution - the Oztent! No matter what you call them - touring tents, quick erect tents or rapid pitch tents, the Oztent is a fantastic piece of camping gear! Want to set up a tent in 30 seconds and get on with enjoying your trip? Yes please!


Setting up some tents can be tricky work and how often have you wanted to just set up your camping gear and get on with enjoying the outdoors? We've got the perfect solution - the Oztrail Blitz tent! No matter what you call them - touring tents, quick erect tents or rapid pitch tents, the Oztrail Blitz tent is a fantastic piece of camping gear!
Swags are often a home away from home for the serious outdoors enthusiast. Perfect to roll out at the end of a long day and quick to pack up in the morning, swags offer the comfort, protection and versatility many outdoor campers love to have. With a huge selection of swags available, Ray's Outdoors will have a swag perfect for you or your family!
There are heaps of navigational tools on the market these days so it's important to have the right tools for the job. Whether you're in a 4wd or on foot, there's a navigation option perfect for you so if you prefer to stick with the tried and tested paper map and compass or perhaps you're after the latest technology in personal GPS navigation, Ray's will have just what you need to find your way home!
Talk about portable power! Generators are fantastic for powering a variety of camping gear to make your outdoors experience that much better! Coupled with an inverter, generators can power anything from fridges to lights and even your laptop! Watch Pat Callinan explain why this Yamaha Generator is great power option for when your campsite needs more power!
The HEMA HN5i is a market leader in personal on and off-road GPS navigation. Everything about the unit has been designed to make life easier, right down to the clip on the mount to hold all the cables. The HN5i is fully preloaded with HEMA maps as well as using the NAVTEQ data for street mapping. This great information combined with the functionality of all three programs, iGO Primo, OziExplorer and Memory-Map, means that you have a market leading unit.
Often when we're exploring the outdoors the best places can only be accessed on foot and with a great variety of hiking locations both in the city and in the outback hiking is a very popular way to explore the outdoors. As with most outdoor activities it's important to be prepared with all the right gear. Check out Pat's tips on exploring the outdoors on foot.

General Hints & Tips

When you're traveling somewhere remote or even just heading away on a day trip it's important to think about your safety and those you are with. First Aid kits are a great way to be comfortable knowing you can give a first aid response if need be. These kits have come a long way in recent times but there's a few 'must haves' that we should all carry in our 4WD.
What does Pat Callinan think the most inexpensive and most useful 4x4 accessory is? It's also handy around camp and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. It can help with 4x4 recoveries, make sure the camp fire is doing its job properly and generally makes life a whole lot easier! You've probably guessed it by now, but watch Pat's video to see it in action and find out more!
Touring and 4WD holidays with the family can create lifelong memories and bring you to beautiful destinations only accessible by a 4WD. Experiencing the great outdoors can be a wonderful learning adventure not just for the big kids but also for the young passengers as well. Pat Callinan has heaps of experience touring with his family and has some great advice for those embarking on a family touring or camping holiday.
No fire? No worries! Where fires aren’t permitted or just not practical, there are still some great options to cook a delicious meal for you and your fellow campers. With a variety of fuels and cooking systems that include the Cobb, Butane stove, Dreampot and the humble cast iron camp oven, there's something that will help you feed the family on your next trip with or without an open fire.